Athens Photo Festival 2018



Athens Photo Festival 2018 attempts to bring together a range of different perspectives from emerging and established artists and photographers from all over the world with the aim to raise awareness and foster an understanding of contemporary culture and society through photography in all its forms. The selected works will be exhibited from 6 June to 29 July 2018, at the Benaki Museum (Pireos St. Annexe), one of the most prestigious museums in Greece.

→ Leggi Tutto

Athens Photo Festival


Athens Photo Festival is the leading international festival of photography in Greece. Exploring issues relevant to our times, our programmes work internationally, nationally and locally, encompassing a variety of activities that aim at fostering a critical understanding of contemporary culture and society through photography and related media.
The main programme will take place from 3 June through 26 July 2015, at the Benaki Museum, one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in Greece. Athens Photo Festival is accepting submissions from photographers/artists, collectives and curators from all over the world, for the 2015 main programme. The deadline is 16 February, 2015.


→ Leggi Tutto