Wim Wenders – Instant Stories

Wim Wenders

C/O Berlin Foundation presents the exhibition Wim Wenders – Instant Stories.

Summer 1973. Toast, ham and eggs, ketchup, drip coffee: scenes from an American diner. The subject matter is trivial, but the occasion was momentous: it was the first day of filming for Wenders’ road movie Alice in the Cities (1974). In the film, the main character wanders the streets of American cities with an instant camera, the Polaroid SX-70. From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, Polaroids were Wim Wenders’ visual notebook, a field of experimentation, and a photographic road movie. The resulting collection of pictures includes thousands of unique, personal shots of his film sets and travels through Europe, the United States, and many other places around the globe. They show Wenders in his personal surroundings and portraits of celebrities and friends including Annie Leibovitz, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Dennis Hopper, and Peter Handke. Until September 23, 2018.

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American Voyage

Mario Carnicelli


American Voyage is a beautiful portrait of 1960s America from Italian photographer Mario Carnicelli (born 1937), recently rediscovered after 50 years, and previously unseen.

In 1966, Mario Carnicelli won first place in a national Italian photography competition sponsored by Popular Photography magazine, Mamiya and Pentax. The prize was a scholarship to photograph America. Carnicelli approached the country as an outsider, and yet his perspective managed to capture the essence of the American experience. He was fascinated by the freedom offered by America, with its mix of cultures and traditions, its fashion and individuality; at the same time he was aware of a pervading loneliness and rootlessness in people separated from family and clan. With an eye informed by French, American and Italian New Wave cinema, Carnicelli’s photographs are truly compelling, offering a view of the American dream that is both optimistic and contemplative. Curated by Bärbel Reinhard.

David Hill Gallery, London, the exhibition will be open until June 8th.

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Play to dream. Capitolo uno

Beatrice Bruni

“L’America non è né un sogno, né una realtà, è una iperrealtà. Ed è una iperrealtà perché è una utopia vissuta fin dall’inizio come realizzata. Qui, tutto è reale, pragmatico, e tutto lascia perplessi.” Questo scriveva Jean Baudrillard in una delle sue più riuscite e famose definizioni. L’America è quel luogo. []

Domenica 14 gennaio alle ore 17, presso la libreria “Lo Spazio di via dell’ospizio”, verrà inaugurata la mostra fotografica “Play to dream. Capitolo uno” di Beatrice Bruni. Fino al 10 febbraio 2018.

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